Financial Expert Jim Hunt Believes In Helping The Little Guy


To the average member of society, the world of finance and investment may seem a distant concept reserved only for the financial elite of the world. It’s an industry that may seem to be increasingly greedy and cutthroat every year. However, Jim Hunt, financial adviser and CEO of VTA Publications, is trying to change all that through his expert knowledge.

Hunt, who has several years of successful stock market experience under his belt, developed his brainchild, VTA Publications, in 2012, to share his expertise with others who may find the stock market world to be intimidating. Through his YouTube channel, he frequently shares with the world his own recent investments, as well as information about trades which he breaks down so that investors with all levels of experience can make an informed decision. In a world full of greedy and secretive investor giants, Hunt’s willingness to freely share his wealth of information is considered, to many, to be a godsend.


Hunt is an accomplished entrepreneur who believes in strict discipline, and he sets goals for himself daily. He also claims that his best ideas come to him when he is relaxing, and he follows his intuition. It’s these characteristics that have made VTA Publications the success it is today.


His current project through VTA Publications is “Make Mum A Millionaire,” a series in which Hunt demonstrates how foolproof his trading tips are by making his mother a millionaire with just ten trades. He is documenting the entire process via his YouTube channel so that his viewers can see for themselves just how simple his technique really is.


He has worked tirelessly to guide the little guys toward financial success, and as VTA Publications continues to see growth, more and more people will benefit financially, all thanks to him.

Up-Close With Marc Sparks and His Meteoric Rise in Investment Endeavors

Marc Sparks is the epitome of hard work pays in business. As Founder of Timber Creek Capital, Mr. Sparks credits his positive attitude and strong faith in the Almighty as crucial components to his immense success. The serial entrepreneur has overcome all odds to become a reputable professional on the rise.

With interest in numerous endeavors such as telecommunications, capital investment and real estate, he has exhibited a unique character that distinguishes him from his peers.

Sparks recently moved offices to a new location that promoted startup development and collaboration among rising entrepreneurs. The serial businessman is accredited for his keen identification of viable startups and developing them into profit generating entities. He highlights the importance of a conducive and cooperative work environment in the development of a startup. Such an environment contributes 25% of the total ingredients needed for any business to succeed. However, entrepreneurs ought to build a business model and procure the necessary resources to ensure its success

The importance of an excellent workspace is best illustrated with the example of a warehouse with blacked out windows. Such an environment is less likely to promote creativity and productivity of workers.

Rather than occupy such a space, he would recommend an office floor on 5th Avenue New York with lots of ventilation and free movement of professionals. As an accomplished entrepreneur, he reiterates the connection between an office space and success or failure within a company.

Marc Sparks has extensively elaborated on the benefits of an ideal office space in his latest literary work: They Can’t Eat You. The novel contains detailed descriptions of the failures and successes he has encountered in his 35 years of experience.

Such experiences played a vital role in the development of Timber Creek Capital, LP which personifies his journey across various stages.

Background of Marc Sparks

Sparks serves as the Founder and CEO of Timber Creek Capital, LP. The private equity firm is a premium provider of numerous services such as office space, capital, banking and much more. Marc’s unyielding pursuit of excellence has earned him numerous honors over the course of his career.

Apart from running the company, Spark is a renowned philanthropist and has donated to several Foundations in the U.S.

Reasons to Hire Twenty Three Layers

One of the best ways that you can celebrate a special occasion is by hosting an event. Hosting an event can be a great option to celebrate a personal or professional achievement or to gather a large group of people for a meeting. While meetings and events can be a great option, they can be complicated to plan. For help with planning an event, a good option would be to hire an event planner. When planning and event and hiring an event planner, there are several steps that should be followed.


The first step to hiring an event planner would be to come up with a high-level plan for your event. While an event planner will have the ability to help with all of the details that are involved, it would be helpful for you to have the basic high-level plan figured out. This should include the amount of people you want to invite, the basic theme, an idea for time and place, and a basic budget.


The next step is to figure out what you want the event planner to handle for you. An event planner can provide a range of services that can start with basic contract negotiation for some vendor services and range all the way to handling all aspects of the event. Before hiring an event planner, you should have a good idea of what you want them to handle.


You can get a list of event planners through either word of mouth or through various event planning organizations.


For people that are looking for event planners in NYC, a great option would be to hire Twenty-Three Layers, one of the top event planning companies in NYC. Twenty-Three Layers has been planning events in New York City for over a decade and has built a big list of vendor and venue relationships, which will help you to save money on vendor costs.

Taking The Challenge


As the awareness of personal health and fitness excel, many people are searching for companies to assist in natural cleansing. Dherbs has managed to provide customers with an honest and healthy personal body cleanse and detoxify product. Offering a huge selection of health items, Dherbs is one of the biggest leaders in natural health supplies.

Dherbs strongly believe that each individual posses the power to control the condition of their overall health. The company insist we all have a personal physician deep inside of ourselves. The variety of products offered by are only to assist individuals on their healthy cleansing journey.

Dherbs offers an assortment of cleansing products. The cleanses are composed of all natural ingredients. The natural cleanse can be expected to boost all functionality of your system. The cleanses are aimed at boosting circulatory, digestive, respiratory, organs and vessels as well. Dherbs cleanse is one of the most popular.

The herbal cleanses are also made to detoxify the body. EarthlyBodies believes we intake chemicals daily, and can help with that. Usage of house cleaning supplies, pathogens and processed food should be cleansed from our bodies accordingly. offers a wide selection of products, most of which reviewed by Trust Pilot. Users can browse the appropriate sections and read clear and informative descriptions of each desired product. also offers products for your pet as well.  Connect with Dherbs on Facebook, or you can also find them on LinkedIn for their corporate history.

Geoffrey Cone Makes Global Moves Easier

Global moves can be difficult for anyone who is planning to make one. There are a few things that people can do when they are considering a global move. Making sure that they know the area, learning what they can about moving, hiring an attorney and choosing the right location are all a few things that will make things easier when moving to a different country.


It takes a lot of prep work to be able to move to a different country. It is not like just moving down the street where people can pack their boxes and move to wherever they want. There is a lot of paperwork that is involved and knowing the steps ahead of time will make the move much easier. It will be something that they will be able to do more successfully when they are making the right move to a different country.


Before moving, it is a good idea that people learn as much as they can about the country that they are moving to. This can include knowledge of anything from the way that the country was founded to the different tax laws in the country. There are many different things that people must learn about before they make a move and learning as much as possible about the country will give them a better chance at being successful both at moving and once they have actually made the move to a different country.


It is always a good idea to hire an attorney before making a global move. People who hire an attorney will be able to have a better chance at being successful. Hiring an attorney like Geoffrey Cone will ensure that the move goes smoother.  This is something that is imperative for people who want to be able to get acclimated to their new home as quickly as possible. There is much more that people can do when they are in different situations with an attorney.


Many people choose to move to New Zealand because of the lower taxes but this is a terrible idea because there are no lower taxes in New Zealand. People should move to New Zealand for different reasons, like the great scenery or the lack of snakes in the country. If people want to move to somewhere that they can get breaks on their taxes, they should consider moving to a country that has no taxes or is on the tax haven list.




Getting Great IoT Lighting

Getting the most from your smart lighting options can help you to be a more energy efficient home owner. Energy efficiency is something that a lot of people strive for because of the fact that it allows them to save money over the course of time. If you are looking into a good quality option for your house, it might be a good idea for you to consider Gooee and their IoT lighting for this specific need. This need will allow you to save money on just about anything that you have and this can be beneficial in a variety of different ways because of the fact that you can switch to something that give you greater control over the electricity in your home.

There are many different people who are making the decision to switch to Smart lighting and this is why they have chosen it for themselves with great success. One of the most important things for you to do is to check out the company known as Gooee to see what types of products and options they have available to you so that you can then make the decision that is perfect for your own specific needs. This is a wonderful option for you and can be exactly what you need in terms of getting the most from this for your household options.

More information for Gooee IoT Lighting:

George Soros Isn’t A Trump Supporter And It Shows

The George Soros story is well-known in the financial industry. The Hungarian-born investor was able to get out of Hungary before the Nazis captured him and his family. Thanks to that experience and many others during his 86 years on the planet, Soros has evolved into a humanitarian, political pundit, economic forecaster and one of the wealthiest people in the world. Soros has spent more than $12 billion of his money promoting human rights and Democracy around the world. He is known as a lightning rod for conservations because he supports so many liberal causes.

Soros spent more than $14 million on the Democratic Party in the 2016 election. More than half of that money went directly to Clinton Super PACs, but he also funded elections in several states. George Soros funded Democrats running for Congress, the Senate and even District Attorney races. When Trump was declared the winner, Soros didn’t waiver from his convictions. He has never been a Trump kind of guy. He plans to continue to monitor Trump’s actions and policies for the next four years.

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George Soros rises again
George Soros Donates $10 Million to Help Combat Hate Crimes

The interesting thing about George Soros is, he does what he says he’s going to do. When the migration crisis turned the European Union into a group of whining fools, Soros vowed he would try to help solve the issue. George Soros recently announced a $500 million investment in migrant businesses and in businesses that support migrants. When the Chinese decided to play games with their economy, currency, and the stock market, Soros was one of the first people to tell the world that China’s economic policies may be the catalyst for another Great Recession. It seems Soros is always at the forefront of economic and financial issues that threaten the well-being of open societies and freedom.

The Open Society Foundation uses the massive fortune of George Soros to spread Democracy around the world. The foundation recently announced a $10 million pledge to fight hate crimes. That pledge is a direct response to Trump’s win. The Open Society spends more than $500 million supporting groups that promote human rights, justice, and Democracy. Soros and other members of the Democratic Alliance Donor Club want Trump to know they are watching him. That group will not tolerate any anti-immigration or anti-Muslim policies that threaten the core principles of the United States.

Some people, like Glenn Beck, think George Soros is a modern day puppet-master. Beck thinks Soros will spend whatever it takes to get his own way. But that is not the real George Soros. George Soros is here to make a difference, and he won’t stop making a difference until he stops breathing. Soros believes in equal rights, and the freedom to live life without political interference. George has demonstrated his allegiance to Democracy time and time again over the last 50 years.