Danilo Diaz Granados Wows Guests on Land, Sea and Air


In order to give his guests a blast last July in Miami, Danilo Diaz Granados, accompanied a group of high-level clients in a helicopter to Palm Beach Race Track. In the air, each guest received the chance to take control of the cyclic stick so he could take the chopper for a spin, after which they dined at the River Yacht Club on the Miami River, washing down the food with bottles of Dom Perignon.

The sunny day had began with breakfast, followed by a tour of a new prestigious residential structure, finally ending with a boat ride. The success of the day was also guaranteed by companies and organizations like One Thousand Museum, Air Commander Aerospace, and Gryphon Racing who sponsored Danilo and his business partners to produce this wonderful day of luxurious entertainment.

“Our goal with each event is to offer guests an opportunity to connect with cuisine, art, and entertainment worthy of Miami’s extravagant style,” Granados explained.

Danilo’s events caters more to the needs of members of high class society.


About Danilo Granados


Danilo Diaz Granados is an entrepreneur and investor who holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration.

Faced with this wonderful opportunity, Danilo Diaz Granados, manager of Molviway since 2012, has been using his knowledge and education to make a difference in high class society and business.

Securus Technologies Gives Many People In Correction Facilities The Chance To See Christmas At Home

Technology allows many people to do things on a daily basis that would have been impossible even a few decades ago. The use of technology has changed the way many people and businesses handle a wide variety of situations. One of the biggest changes in how people and businesses go about daily tasks is communication. Today, there are new technology innovations that allow people to communicate in multiple ways.

The use of the traditional phone to make landline calls is only one of the many ways that people can communicate with family and friends today either across town or across the world. People can use technology devices such as smart phones to email, text, call, send pictures, send video, or other various communication methods.

One of the technology companies that is using technology to provide various ways for people in correction facilities to communicate with family and friends is Securus Technologies. During the Christmas season, Securus Technologies will provide its video visitation technology, so people confined in correction facilities can use the technology to talk to and actually see family and friends during the Christmas season. View the company profile on Linkedin.com.

The way that people in correction facilities can see and talk to family and friends with the video visitation technology is that the technology allows the people in the correction facilities to establish a connection with family and friends at home. Once connected, people in correction facilities can communicate with their people back home in real time.

For people in correction facilities with children, this will give them the chance to see their children on Christmas Day opening presents and enjoying the Christmas season. Also, the chance to see and talk to their spouse or significant other is an awesome opportunity. The video visitation technology allows people in correction facilities to almost feel like they are a part of the Christmas activities.

I feel that the technology developed by Securus Technologies to help people in correction facilities communicate with family and friends is good for a variety of reasons. The Christmas holiday season will be much better for many people in correction facilities who have the opportunity to communicate with family and friends with the use of the video visitation technology provided by Securus Technologies.

Securus Technologies  provides numerous technology related products and services to correction facilities located across the country.

The holidays can be a really hard time for people who are in prison. It is depressing as it is and, to make matters worse, many families are unable to visit the prisons even though it is the holiday time. They want to make sure that they are able to have a somewhat happy Christmas even if they are in prison. For this reason, Securus does things that are special for the prisoners by offering different opportunities to them that are only available during the holiday season. This makes things slightly better for the prisoners who are unable to see their families.


One of the things that Securus offers is a holiday video chatting service. This is different than their typical service and gives the inmates the chance to make sure that they are getting what they need from the services that they have. With Securus, prisoners are able to talk to their families and they do not have to worry about the problems that come with different things. They must make sure that they are able to get a great relationship out of being able to see and talk to their different family members who cannot visit them.


When it comes to the way that the people who are in prison are able to talk to their family members, it makes their lives better once they are released. Prisoners who are able to keep up with their family while they are in prison have a better chance of doing better once they get out. This is because they are able to have an established relationship that is waiting for them on the outside. It is an important part of the way that things work for the families and that they need to make sure that they are doing things the right way.


Securus not only has this available to people who are in prison but they also have other ways that they are able to keep up with their family members. Families can put money on the inmates accounts so that they are able to make calls, send emails and even do the video chatting for the people who are in prison. This is something that is important for the prisoners and something that they must be able to do. When it comes time to do different things, prisoners can also use the kiosk for things like commissary products.


The Overview of Cone Marshall, the Prominent International Tax Company

Cone Marshall Ltd. is a renowned law firm that serves international families and advisors. They assist in establishing New Zealand partnerships, companies and offering universal wealth planning advice. The company provides services to attorneys, advisors, families, private banks and other institutions located outside New Zealand.


Cone Marshall Company have established New Zealand structures, and offered ultimate structuring advice, trust, and provide local tax. All inquiries are highly confidential and protected by legal professional privilege. Under the management of Geoffrey cone and Karen Marshall, the firm has aided their clients in the creation of partnership and companies.


The Leadership and Services of Cone Marshall


They have trained their official employees to offer global wealth and training. For instance, Karen Marshall has a 10 years of experience in law and has worked in law firms’ commercial litigation departments in the large cities of London. Moreover, she has offered reputable services in Cone Marshall since 2005. In her work, Karen provides advisory services including trustee’s liability and power to enter into compromises. She also offers third parties’ security with particular reference to obligations for lenders.


The subject of international taxes is one of the most complex issues facing many nations. With many businesses around the globe, there have been a lot of connections and the practice of law has been considered as an important aspect. This is why Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall are determined to make Cone Marshall the most prominent international tax and trust planning company in New Zealand.


Cone has been recognized and described as an exemplary tax attorney by a regular magazine in the Firm and Experts Directory. Furthermore, they have assured entrepreneurs of their commitment to conform to the principles of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. The OECD promotes comprehensive tax laws internationally for member states.


Cone’s experience in counseling and litigating work in the West Indies has helped the firm to build and reach its vision. Founded in 1999, the company has been creating global tax plans for a maximum of 17 years and continues to show up the same principles of excellence. Cone Marshall promotes the sort of reliability and transparency needed in contemporary tax law and trust planning.


Things You Need To Know About Magnises

Magnises, the new black card is set to change the way people see credit card rewards. According to Bloomberg, Billy McFarland, the founder of Magnises card, said that when he was at dinner with his friends, he realized that people do not have any networking or community aspect.

He added by saying that it is for that reason that the Magnises card sets out change the goal. McFarland stated that the card wants to connect people through a credit card that is more relevant to their lives regardless of whether they work in the fashion, technology or finance fields.

Magnises has more than 600 members, yet it was established just the other day. That means it has gained popularity because of its convenience and the benefits its members enjoy. Here are a few facts people ought to know about the card.

  • Magnises card is not a credit card. The black card functions by taking whatever credit or debit card a member uses and activates it to the metal Magnises card via the data on the magnetic strip. Essentially, it is a payment tool.
  • Its annual fee is $250. Anyone can now apply for the card. The application procedure is not complicated; you just need to submit an online application on their website and a phone interview.
  • Magnises card is only for people living in New York City, at least for now. Some cardholders are internationally based. However, the card focused on New York when it was launched. McFarland said that right now they are trying to help New Yorkers get the best out of their lives in New York. Billy McFarland said that they have plans to branch out to other cities shortly.
  • The highest percentage of card holders is between 21 and 25 years. However, McFarland noted that the card does not limit the age, income or occupation.
  • The card has more than 50 partnerships. The goal of these partners is to enhance the life of each member. The founder added that they plan to hold members-only events like parties, happy hours, educational talks and chef series dinners.